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Welcome to my home on the web.

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Sunset Telecaster

Pictured above is Sunset Telecaster. 22 x 24 Mixed Media on Plywood Panel. Available.

 Pictured below is my recent painting. A Vision of Texas.

Mixed media on Plywood Panel.  

A Vision of Texas



Night Flight

Night Flight. Mixed Media on plywood panel.

The Fender acoustic guitar below was done in memory of my Dad Billy Taylor.It was auctioned to aid the final expenses of his cancer treatment. Thanks to everyone involved.

Painted with love.


The Big Mystiquero

Out to Pasture

State of mind

I know a place.

Myself and the great Brian Longlinais with the Strat I painted for him.Back stage at LJT.

Myself and Brian Longlinais back stage at LJT.With the guitar I did for him.

Table top art work of a Spiritual nature.

What a day

Pictured above is the Mystiquero Guitar the moment I finished painting it.Below is the Main Mystiquero Walt Wilkins the very first show he played with it.

Walt Wilkins and his Americana.

Mystiqueros with the guitars I painted for them.

Tres Mystiqueros rocking out with the guitars I was honored to paint for them. Catch them live they are incredible.

funky national guitar painting. Mixed media on pine.

Dream Land

Big Medicine.

night scape

Click here to visit my Shutterfly portfolio.A great place to view my work while this site is growing.

Pictured below is a pair of wings I fashioned from reclaimed pine. A gift to the legendary rock DJ Redbeard. Hit the picture for a cool link.

Angel wings from reclaimed pine and salvaged hardware.

Custom requests.Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Thank you Walt