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All of my paintings are mixed media on Plywood Panel unless otherwise noted.

.Pictured Above. Hope to Carry On

Pictured Above.Autumn and Other Dreams.18 x 18. Available.

Pictured above. Be Still. 24 x 24 Available.




Pictured above.Air Guitar. 20 x 16 Available

Native Allusions

Pictured above Native Allusions. 24 x 24. Available at Flacas in Hico Texas.

Tejas Tees

Pictured above are my Tejas Tees. 100 percent cotton with my original art.

Pictured Above. Goodnight Moon. 18 x18 Available.

Me and Susan

Myself and the talented singer songwriter Susan Gibson with her new painting. My own Piece of Sky.

Yep that's the one.

Pictured Above is the original artwork I did for Walt Wilkins' Album A Good Ramble.

Groove Machine

Pictured above.Groove Machine. 16 x 20 Mixed media on wood panel. Available.

Painted Ponies

Pictured Above.Painted Ponies.
Available at Sandstone Cellars Winery Mason Texas 

What a day

Pictured above is the Mystiquero Guitar the moment I finished painting it.

Once in a Blue Moon

funky national guitar painting. Mixed media on pine.

Pictured above. Once In A Blue Moon. 

Available at Full Moon Inn Luckenbach. 

Mike Blakely

Musician and author Mike Blakely now owns my painting Desert Tones.

Pictured above.A Tele Vision 20 x 16 Available

Pictured above.Fish Tales Volume One. 20 x 16 Available.


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