I am a native Texan.I have always wanted to be an artist.Drawing, building and painting things from an early age.I actually built my first piece of furniture a bench at the age of ten with my grandmother Edith Tutt's
help.She herself was a folk artist before it was considered folk art. With my parents support and encouragement I studied art and commecial art in college.Which eventually led to me working full time as an artist for many years creating American Craft Furniture. Ive been represented in galleries from California to Florida and many points in between including New Mexico and Wyoming.With the decline of the economy I made the choice to scale down and now work from a studio/shop behind my home in Coyote Flats Texas.I am enjoying the freedom of working this way and feel Im doing my best work yet.With many cool projects coming up.I have lately been focusing my efforts on paintings. All of which are mixed media on plywood panels  which I prepare myself.

Sunset behind my little shop